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Watercraft Philately
Official Journal of the Ships on Stamps Unit
of the American Topical Association

July-August 2017 Vol. 64, No.1

Feature Article
   1 Welcome to the next port of call:Hong Kong View Adobe pdf)

Regular Features
    5    New Listings
    7    CHESAPEAKE/SHANNON: Battle of Boston Harbor Part 2
    10    Carriers of the world's precious goods
    14    Shipwrecks at the bottom of the world
    15    Obituary-Irene MacCready
    16    Last Call

September-October 2017 Vol. 64, No.2

Feature Article
   17 Haliax Explosion:Canada Remembers 100 year ago View Adobe pdf)

Regular Features
    21   New Listings
    26   Australian shipwrecks
    29   Queensland Museum Artifacts
    30   Wreck of the WESTERBEEK
    32    Last Call

  November-December 2017 Vol. 64, No.3

Feature Article
   33    Christmas Seals:Collectible or not? View Adobe pdf)

Regular Features
    37   New Listings
    38   Christmas Seas Confused as Stamps
    39   Falklands Fisheries After 30 Years
    41   Service and Rescue Vessels Craft Save the Day
    44   French Islands
    45   Getting Across the Waters:Ferries & Passenger Ships
    48   Last Call