Maritime Topics on Stamps

October Stamps 2019


Spain, a souvenir sheet with one stamp 500 years of the first circumnavigation of the world by Fernando Magellan.
Above the deck of the "Victoria" Magellan is shown on the left, on the right Juan Sebastian Elcano. He ended the circumnavigation of the world with the "Victoria" after the death of Magellan.

Monaco, a single stamp 500 years of the first circumnavigation of the world by Fernando Magellan (Portuguese Fernão de Magelhães, Spanish Fernando de Magellanes).
In addition, the Magellan Strait through South America is shown on this stamp.

Liechtenstein, a souvenir sheet with three stamps 500 years of the first circumnavigation of the world by Fernando Magellan.
Depicted are Magellans fleet, Magellan himself and an illustration to his death.

USA, a single stamp with the USS "Missouri".

Austria, a single stamp for the rowing world championships this year.

France, a single stamp and a joint issue with Egypt, 150 years opening of the Suez Canal.

Egypt, a set with two stamps 100 years "National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF)".
You can see a boat of Queen Hatshepsut in the logo.

Faroe Islands, a set with four mint stamps coastal fishing.

Faroe Islands, a stamp with the two coastal sailors "Johanna" and "Westward Ho".
The two schmacken (fishing boats) were built 135 years ago, in 1884 in the UK.

Russia, a sheet with two stamps, 200 years discovery of the Antarctic.
Pictured are the "Mirny" and the "Vostok".

France, a souvenir sheet with four stamps European capitals, here Helsinki.
This maritime stamp with a harbor picture.

Falkland Islands, a sheet with four stamps.
75 years ago, D-Day took place in World War II.
It was the successful landing of the Allies in Normandy against Germany.

Marshall Islands, a set with four stamps, 75 years D-Day.

S. Georgia
S. Georgia
South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands, a set of four stamps in memory of Shackleton.
Pictured are Shackleton's Grave, Grytviken Church, the Petrel wreck and a harpoon gun.
Information from Ian Billings:
I think it is worth mentioning that these stamps are not badly printed, as it appears, but are printed with a 3-D effect: requires 3D-spectacles.

Indonesia, a set of four stamps Carnival 2019. There are also some ships and boats recognizable.

Japan, a sheet of 10 stamps, 100 years of ILO, International Labor Organization.
Among them these two maritime stamps.

Latvia, a set of three stamps, National Army.
Pictured is the command and supply ship A53 "Virsaitis".

Isle of Man, a set of six stamps, Moby Dick.
100 years ago the American writer Herman Melville was born.
He wrote the famous novel about the white whale, Moby Dick.
Pictured are six people who play an important role in this novel.

Norway, a sheet with a stamp for Nordia 2019 exhibition.

Carsten Borchgrevink is pictured on the stamp.
In the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition he entered in 1895 as one of the first humans the Antarctic continent.

Ross Dependency, a five stamp set, New Zealand Cape Adare.

Carsten Borchgrevink is pictured on a stamp.
He also oversaw the Southern Cross Expedition from 1898-1900.


Romania, a set with four stamps, paintings by the Dona.

Singapore, a set of eight stamps, 200 years of colonialism.

Among them these four maritime stamps.

Suriname, a combination of six stamps plus two Cinderellas left.
Pictured are top row Aileach 1991, Cutty Sark 1840, HMS Victory 1759, Mary Rose 1509. Bottom row Matthew 1497 two side by side, Sohar 1980, TS Royalist 1971.

Guinea, two sheets with 5 stamps on the subject of submarines.
Illustrated are the Los Angeles class, a German type VII boat, the Akoula class, the Delta class and the DRG (?) class 01.

Maldives, two sheets with 5 stamps on the theme of cruisliners.
Pictured are the Disney Magic, Carnival Magic, Norwegian Breakaway, Harmony of the Seas and the Adventure of the Seas.

Central A.
Central A.
Central Africa, two sheets with 5 stamps about windjammer.
Pictured are the Eagle of Lübeck, Georg Stage, Etoile du Roy, Artemis and the Christian Radich.

Central A.
Central Africa, a sheet of 4 stamps once again about Charles Darwin.
Amog them this stamp with the "Beagle".

Guinea, two sheets with 5 stampss on the theme of lighthouses.
Pictured are Nida - Lithuania, Meganom en Crimee - Ukraine, Black Head - Ireland, Keri - Estonia, Sucuraj - Croatia, Saint Theodore - Greek.

Russia, a stamp with the lighthouse Tol Burkhin.
He stands since 1719 in the Baltic Sea.

Ukraine, a sheet of four stamps Donetsk region, among them this stamp with a lighthouse.

Taiwan, a set of four stamps, lighthouses.
Pictured are the towers Keelung, Tung Taing, Port Taichung, Port Tamsui.
Thailand, a sheet with four stamps, lighthouses.
Pictured are the towers Bang Pa In, Ko Si Chang, King Bhumipol 80th Birthday Lighthouse, Kanchana Phisek.

Netherlands, four individual stampss. Pictured are the Nieuw Statendam, the DFDS Seaways, on the third stamp both together and fishing boats.

Germany, two individual stamps on refugee problems. Pictured is the "Sea Watch 3" and a raft with refugees.

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