Maritime Topics on Stamps

Sept. / October 2008

Eire, a single stamp "150th Anniversary of the First Transatlantic Message by Cable from Europe to America".

We see the "Niagara" and the "Agamemnon"; after their second try 1858 they had success in a cable connection between Europe and North America. Nevertheless, after a short period, the communication broke down because of a deficient cable quality.

atlantic cable

Brasil, a single stamp, immigration Japan to Brasil.

On June 18 1908, the first Japanese immigrants arrived in Brazil, aboard the Kasato Maru.

Austria, a single stamp, "Day of Stamp 2008".

The 1912 built paddle steamer "Schönbrunn" is depicted.


Brasil, a single stamp, "Porte carta comercial, 200 anos do Corpo de fuzileiros navais".
It could be the 200th anniversary of the Brasil Navy.

China, a single stamp with a "Marble Boat".
The Marble Boat, also known as the Boat of Purity and Ease is a lakeside pavilion on the grounds of the Summer Palace in Beijing, China (Wikipedia).

Jersey, a small souvenir sheet with one stamp, "Naval Connections II, Visiting Naval Vessels".

HMY "Britannia" is depicted.

China, a set with four stamps. Is there anyone who knows something about these stamps?
On two stamps we see ports with container bridges.

Jordan, a set with four stamps "Aqaba".
Aqaba is the onliest port of Jordan at the Red Sea. On the fourth stamp a castle window is depicted.

Jersey, a set with six stamps "Navy Ships".
We see from left top HMS   ROEBUCK, HMS   MONMOUTH, HMS   EDINBURGH.
In the lower row from left HMS   EXPRESS, HMS   SEVERN and HMS   COTTESMORE.

North Korea, a single stamp "US armed spy ship PUEBLO".
Die PUEBLO (AGER-2) was / is an observation vessel of the US Navy. She was captured 1958 by North Korea and is up to now in the possession of North Korea.

Azerbaijan, a souvenir sheet with five stamps "150th Anniversary the Caspian Shipping Company".
We see from left top the tanker "Prezident Heydor Oliyev", the ferry "Azorbaycan", in the middle the tanker "Vandal" and below the "Bostokar Qara Qarayev" and "Maestro Niyazi".

Ascension, a souvenir sheet with four stamps "25th Anniversary of Falklands Liberation".
From left "RFA Tidespring re-fuelling HMS Antrim", "HMS Dumbarton Castle", "HMS Fearless" and the "Atlantic Conveyor" are depicted.

Russia, a souvenir sheet with one stamp "75th Anniversary the North Fleet".
We see "Sea flags, submarine and warships".

Russia, a souvenir sheet with one stamp, we see the Zar Nikolay I, 1796-1855 between the Christ the Saviour Cathedral (Moscow) and a man of war.

Russia, a souvenir sheet with three stamps, "International Polar Year". An icebreaker and two research vessels are depicted.

Montserrat, a souvenir sheet with six stamps "Early Postal History". Among them one maritime stamp, enlarged in fron of the sheet.
We see an old stamp with the paddle steamer "Lady McLeod".

Peru, a souvenir sheet with two stamps "20th anniversary Antarctic- Expedition". The research and discovery vessel "Humboldt" with her crew is depicted.

Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone, a souvenir sheet with four stamps "Oregon Discovery and Exploration".

Among them two maritime stamps, "Sir Francis Drake, first European to view the Oregon Coast" and "Capt. Robert Gray, Discovery of the Columbia River".

Ecuador, a single stamp, 50th anniversary independence of the port of Guayaquil.

Argentina, a single stamp with the research vessel "Guarani". 50 years ago the ship sank with her crew off the island of Nueva.

Sao Tome e Principe, a souvenir sheet with four stamps with German lighthouses. We see the towers of Amrum, Neuland, Eckernförde and List East.
Sao Tome

Congo, a set with four stamps "Shells and Lighthouses".
Among them these both towers "Morro das Lagosta" and "Cap Recife".

Guernsey, a se-tenant of ten stamps countrysides with "Saint's Harbour, Bordeaux Harbour and St. Peter Port Lighthouse".


Great Britain, a personalized stamp (?) with the "Queen Victoria".

Germany, a personalized stamp with the kissing mouth at the bow of the AIDA cruise liners.

To show some more stamps and/or whole souvenir-sheets the pictures are high compressed, so accuracy goes down.

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