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Dedicated to the study of philatelic material pertaining to watercraft on stamps, to sharing knowledge, to encouraging the growth of the hobby and to supporting the preservation of our maritime heritage.


Collecting ships on stamps is an enjoyable way to vicariously travel the Seven Seas or the smallest lake without investing in the cost of a boat. The Ships on Stamps Unit of the American Topical Association would like to show you the many ways that you too can enjoy this most enjoyable of hobbies. This page will tell you something about ourselves and how to begin sailing the seas in command of your own fleet. Welcome aboard!

Watercraft Philately has a new look. Starting with the September/October issue a new layout is being introducted. We would welcome any comments you have. This layout will be refined over the next few issues based on feedback from members so please let us know what you like or don't like about the new layout.

The New Issues pages and the May/June issue of Watercraft Philately are now both available. Check out the Table of Contents.

Watercraft Philately received a Silver Award in the literature competition at the NTSS 2014.

Ships on Stamps web site received a Silver-Bronze in the American Philatelic Society Chapter and Affiliates Web Site competition

The APS held a competition among their various affiliates and chapter this past summer. The Ships on Stamps Unit web site received a Silver-bronze. We received high marks for current information about the content of Watercraft Philately but especially for having many illustrations of stamps and stories that appear in the section on New Ship Stamps and Ship Topic Pages. At the same time, several areas were cited that could be improved. You can see the complete results at

APS Silver-Bronze award

The 2015 National Topical Stamp Show is next week! It will will be held in Clackamas, OR, part of the Greater Portland area, on July 31 - August 2. For more information on the NTSS you may go to the American Topical Association web site.

The new Fanciful Flowers stamped card will be issued July 31 at the NTSS. You are invited to the First Day Ceremony for the 2015 Forever Postal Card. At the ceremony you will have the opportunit to obtain first day cancels on the actual first day rather than a cover (or in this case, a card) cancelled on some other day.



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