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Dedicated to the study of philatelic material pertaining to watercraft on stamps, to sharing knowledge, to encouraging the growth of the hobby and to supporting the preservation of our maritime heritage.


Collecting ships on stamps is an enjoyable way to vicariously travel the Seven Seas or the smallest lake without investing in the cost of a boat. The Ships on Stamps Unit of the American Topical Association would like to show you the many ways that you too can enjoy this most enjoyable of hobbies. This page will tell you something about ourselves and how to begin sailing the seas in command of your own fleet. Welcome aboard!

Search for new Secretary and other volunteers

There has still been no response to the call for volunteers. We are nearing the point when serious action must be taken if no one steps forward.Look at the March/April issue of Watercraft Philately to find out what YOU can do for your fellow ship stamp collectors. The unit is financially sound and Watercraft Philately is doing well. I will also post a list of items soon for which we need volunteers on the web site and also send it to the Ship Stamp Discussion List on Yahoo!. This is not an onerous job when it is shared. This not the case now since people have gradually dropped off with their work being picked up by me. This is not sustainable so please consider any of the several tasks that I listed in the last issue of Watercraft Philately. I hope that we can avoid rough water and shoals and come out on smooth water and clear skies.

The following are some changes to the Unit web page made this month.

There is a new page showing some new issues for
September 2017

July-August issue of Watercraft Philately is now available. Check out the The first page of this issue.

A link to the award-winning exhibit on Lloyd's of London has been added to the Archives



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